The role of Penfon as the next-generation standard

Penfon is a multifunctional touch pen to be used in conjunction with a tablet device.

Mobile phones replaced landlines, then smartphones became the norm, and now, the global standard for the next generation will be the tablets and Penfon.

Smartphones are not suitable for business due to their small screen size. Therefore, you will need to use a tablet or a PC together, but many of you must find it inconvenient, such as doubling the phone and internet bills, or the data transfer not going smoothly.

Penfon will provide solutions to all of these problems. Since Penfon is a touch pen, it is used together with a tablet. But since it is already equipped with a call function itself, you do not need to get another smartphone.

In addition, if you want to share data in your smartphone with tablets and PCs, you will need to access the cloud on your tablet or PC and synchronize the data with your device. Penfon instantly links to the tablet via Bluetooth, so you don't need to bother all that.

This alone can show you how awesome the Penfon is.

But that's not the only great thing about Penfons. You may even draw an image in the body of an email (copyright registered). By implementing this function, you can use your email as a presentation material in a meeting. Smartphones are already out of date, as they are not suitable for creating documents.

After the 5G generation (unlike up to the 4G so far), it is not very safe for the brain to bring your phone to the ear to talk. Placing it in the chest pocket of your suit is also bad for your heart. On the other hand, in case of using Pen phone, its safety has already been confirmed with Bluetooth earphones.

It's time for tablet + Pen phone. You can count on Pen phones to play a very significant role in the market, as they will solve all the weaknesses of smartphones.

As the personal computers are, smartphones and tablet devices will eventually become commodities. On the other hand, Pen phone can replace various different types of products. Hence, like ballpoint pens, you can expect to set a wide ranges of prices, from office supplies to brand name products. Depending on the brand strategy, products that cost more than 1 million yen, such as watches, may be possible.